About Us

Maurine is the owner and baker who began Momo's Gourmet Cheesecake in 2015. Maurine has a love for food and all things delicious. Her favorite dessert is cheesecake and it is her father's favorite dessert as well. After discovering her ability to make amazing creamy cheesecakes, the idea of Momo's was born. With help from her very talented family, she has been able to make her dreams a reality. 

Momo is Maurine's childhood nickname. Mo is a common nickname for Maureen/Maurine. As an infant, her grandfather called her Mo, and then Maurine's father came up with Momo and it stuck. After living in Japan, when Maurine was 10 years old, the family found out that momo means peach in Japanese. When Maurine was born, she was fuzzy on her shoulders and back just like a peach so it was perfect! The name Momo and logo are very personal to Maurine; she puts her heart into each of these cheesecakes to make them the best. It makes her very happy to bring people joy through cheesecake particularly for their special events. 


Monday - Thursday: 3pm - 8pm

Friday: 3pm -10pm

Saturday: 1pm -10pm

Come See Us!

Our shop is open 6 days a week.  We have Minis, Cuties, Personals and a few 8" and 9" Cheesecakes always on hand.  Check out our social media to see where our food truck will be. And you can always make a custom order with online ordering. 

1364 N Freedom Blvd

Provo, Utah 

Tel: 801-900-0037
Email: momoscheesecake@gmail.com

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